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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  April 22, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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along monterrey road not far from the plant shopping center. joins us from the scene where homicide investigators spent the day carefully combing for clues. >> that's right and they don't have much to go on. they know the homicide happened here and they are hoping witnesses will come forward. >> workers made the gruesome discovery. a man restrained and unconscious lying in this parking lot. >> there was a gentleman bound with some zip ties in his hands. >> the tractor trailer is registered to big d out of antioch. ken palmer said it had been parked here on and off for the last few months. >> the truck was running like he was getting ready to take off. the first thing i did was call 911. >> san jose police responded followed by family and friends.
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identified the driver and say he was supposed to pick up a load in salinas today. >> scary because. >> authorities say the victim had visible injuries consistent with some sort of struggle. they are now looking for witnesses and hoping the crime may have been caught on camera. >> hopefully the surveillance cameras will provide us with some sort of leads. >> it was sad, tragic. >> a friend tells us she talked to the driver last night and arranged to bring food out to his truck this morning. the truck has since been towed away. this is san jose's 12th homicide of the year. county sheriff's office is asking for the public's help to tie and locate a man they say is connected to a murder. released this picture today of 20-year-old -- the district
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attorney has filed a formal murder charge against him for the shooting death of 24-year- old nicolas cal lain. calan was shot to death on -- last thursday investigators took 28-year-old michael mcqueen into custody. he is being held under suspicion of first degree murder. we're following developing news in san francisco. firefighters will stay on the scene all night long putting out hot spots for the fire that built through this old victorian. shows us the conditions that contributed to the flames that damaged 3 buildings. >> just after 1:00 this afternoon firefighters respond to do a call on the 3400 block of -- street. much of the back of that structure was already burned away as high winds turned to. >> it was bad. it was so terrible because a
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lot of wind make like brog and the -- blowing and the fire getting stronger. >> they said the fire, by the time we got there they try to confine it to one building. there was no doing that. >> one firefighter was injured after hot tar fell on him. >> they put the fire out but it kept flairing up because of the wind. >> 34 trucks and 135 personnel responding successfully. there is new information tonight about that 15-year-old boy who stowed away on a flight to hawaii. has learned the teen may have been hiding for hours before that teen took off. tonight he is still in the hospital in hawaii and child protective services is now working on a way to get him back to the bay area safely. the fbi says it will not pursue
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criminal charges because the boy did not intend to hurt anyone. called on the government accountability office to find out how the teen was able to get past security. he is calling for an updated assessment on airport perimeter security across the nation. the last time they did that was in 2009. we now know the teen climbed over the fence as early as saturday night. it was 6 months ago today that a sheriff's deputy shot and killed 13-year-old andy lopez and tonight a march is getting underway in the teen's memory. the march is walking to the park where lopez was killed. while lopez was carrying a gun, bb gun that looked like an assault rifle. earlier today some of lopez's
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former classmates walked out of class. some said they were angry about comments a teacher made about lopez. >> mad because still talking about him even though he's dead. >> why does she need to say her opinion out loud. >> the classmates also walked to a nearby high school campus prompting a school lock down. tell us the students will probably face disciplinary actions. east bay mud will pump water in from the sacramento river to supplement its supply. from as far north as crockett to castro valley. east mud asked people to voluntarily start conserving 3 months ago. >> this is significant. in the past without the access to free port water east bay mud
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might be looking at rationing but that's not an option we were forced to consider. >> the pumping will begin in may at the rate of about 5 million -- that's money the district says it has already budgeted. confirm a 9-year-old has now come down with a case of whooping cough. attend in martinez. where administrators have alerted parents to the situation. it is highly contagious and can last for months and in extreme cases can be fatal. children need a series of shots to build up an immunity. new at 6:00, plans to convert a high school into an independent charter school has sparked controversy over who should remain in control. some say they want the charter school but the district opposes it and the students say they feel caught in the middle.
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this issue is heading to court and up the appeal ladder. >> dosier medical high school students worry scrubbing to class in one of the best performing schools. but now the school community is getting a crash course in political. >> we're kind of high academic. we are built that way and one size fits all doesn't fit us because we don't have the same issues. >> proposed making the school an independent charter and allow more money to flow to the school. >> they don't give us our share because they say it needs to go to the schools that need it. >> unfortunately the teachers planned to -- the petition without meeting with the parents or the community. >> the district denied the request and decided to convert et to a charter that would leave it in patrol.
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>> it needed more to take over to create what it is they are trying to take. >> de dependent charter is a new idea. the district is taking the -- to court. >> have filed a restraining order against myself and the superintendent from moving forward. >> whether students would be allow to do play sports at the bigger schools which they currently do. >> it's felt kind of hostile. it feels like we're being taken over. >> the new -- will be in court. then next month the petitions will go in front of the county board of education to appeal their request. in antioch,. popular career and networking site linked in is said to expand its presence. signed a lease for a building near howard street. the building is
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underconstruction and is expected to accommodate about 2500 workers. mountain view based linked in has been steadily increasing its presence. it currently occupies space at. california muslims were in the state capital pushing lawmakers to limit the data the nsa can collect. says it's concerned the national security program collects cell phone records and also the data from people's phones. met a data includes text messages and internet browsing history. they want california lawmakers to support a bill to bar. >> they say it stifles free speech. >> the freedom of speech is actually protected under the constitution. >> this is the third year
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muslims have met. the monitor of the oakland police department is praising the work of the interim chief. says shawn went has served served competently. he has held the job for close to a year now. criticism is down and the number of arrests has gone up but the report did not give specific reports on those last 2 items. mayor is expected to name a permanent police chief in the next 2 weeks. a family of 4 including 2 children will have to stay somewhere else after a fire. when firefighters arrived just after 8:00 this morning heavy smoke was coming from a home on -- off hudson avenue. the woman who lives there said the fire started while she was taking her kids to school. firefighters say the flames
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spread from the barn to the house. plants ripped right out of the ground and carried away. the danger the thieves could face. the changes we can expect to see on this marsh land in just a few years. pretty windy out there. you can see the wind advisory. in the 5 day we have got more rain to talk about.
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new at 6:00 plants are being ripped right out of the ground in the most icon i can park and the question people are asking is why. golden gate park is considered the crowned jewel of the city
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but we learned some are being stolen from park grounds. looked into a string of plant threats and the health risk that people taking those could face. >> the birds, the bees and other creatures are facing competition these days as they forage for food. >> this man lives across the street from the park. he said he confronted 4 elderly women about a month ago loading ginger plants into a shopping bag. >> they were just stuffing them in white plastic bags so at that point i walked over and told them, what are you doing and they slowly started to leave the area. >> there is a variety of foraging activities that might be seen in a park. >> the park counts wild radishes and dandelion leaves among its edibles. fear the loss of rare plants or
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the loss of life due to wild mushrooms or hemlock. >> the health issues could be significant. people miss identifying plants. >> news of the thefts. >> berries are hanging there. sure you might try just a berry and move on. you would never dig up a plant. that's terrible. >> san francisco police tell us they have only gotten 3 calls this year about plant thefts. but they are ready to make field trips to city park to catch plant thieves in the wild. nurses are calling for stepped up security measures at hospitals. the california nurses association is urging lawmakers to pass a bill that would require all hospitals to adopt a -- hospitals say the bill is unnecessary because many are already required to have such a plan. the renewed call from nurses
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comes in the wake of 2 violent attacks against nurses over the weekend. here in the bay area there have been several attacks on health care workers inside facilities of jails and prisons. one man was charged with attacking a nurse. the nurse was hit with a lamp and died. some have including the strangling and the assault of a woman last summer. on this earth day the bay area's list of wild places is getting a little longer. backers add tow -- to celebrate the operation of bruener's marsh. it's at the south end of the shoreline w. the wetland is back to its natural state in a couple of years environmental
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groups say it will help -- and give people a place to enjoy nature at the city's edge. >> to all of these young people, that they will have an environment that they can enjoy, that they can foster, that they can bring their families to and that they can use as a classroom now. >> about 150 acres of land was purchased about 3 years ago. the restoration will be paid for by a grant from the eps. a slide show of earth day activities even with some ktvu personalities. just click on the images tab on our home page. windsy out there today. we had wind advisories on -- windy on the bay. the winds are gradually dying down. if you look at it from a further distance back, it's a
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lot darker. the mud gets stirred up on windy days. out by the edges it's brown right now and those winds are going to die down and when they do, these are the rain full accumulations we had last night but temperatures are going to get down right cold. 66 today in san jose. speaking of cooler we cooled off big time yesterday. we went from 82 down to the low 70s. then today in the inland valleys we dropped another 10 degrees. so temperatures really bottomed out and now they will start to level out. make it if you have for the -- tough for the fog to form. temperatures 60 degrees right now. winds are still blowing. gusts of up to 32. as you are driving on those
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bridges, especially the ones going north to south you are getting hit because the winds. tomorrow morning is a real cool start. even in san jose. check in out. san jose, you start out at 49 degrees. that is cold for the kids this time of year. lunchtime you're up to 63 and then upper 60s by the end of the day. tomorrow morning you will notice the cold. this gives us 2 days of slight warming and look who shows up out here in the pacific. a morrowa more robust system. it would knock the pollens out of the atmosphere and also add some rain. slightly warmer, dry on thursday. and then friday this thing lights up and at one point looks like the friday storm may
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tie into saturday and sunday. i'm all for the rain, julie. with the water rationing this year and just green lawns, i feel bad putting water on my lawn so an extra rain would be nice. and it keeps everything green longer. california lawmakers doctors called for limited use of antibiotics on animals. would restrict to use on livestock only when the animals are sick. right now they are given preventably. linked to problems for humans who eat the livestock. >> antiantibiotic increases the number of -- drives up hospital costs. in the u.s. more than 23,000
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americans die from bacterial infections that are resistant to antiobiotics. right now recommends farmers only give their livestock antiobiotics when ill. but say that is not enough. the sharks are -- and they are looking to go up 3 games. sports is next. ♪ ♪
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sharks hoping to put the big herd on the -- tonight. >> i would say it's not -- they look pretty good but everybody is talking about the 13 goals in 2 games against one of the best goalies in the nfl, that would be jonathan quick but i tell you one of the stories behind the stories. 15 goals have come from the 13 -- the sharks just faster and quicker than the kings. depth makes it easier on the joes, that would be thornton and glee you have got to have all 4 lines and goalies, i think that's been the case in these first 2 games.
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all lines have been going and we have all been working. >> gets everyone going. >> meanwhile the story just a little bit different for the warriors after yesterday. they get way lied by the clippers. a 40 point loss. but draw the line there. no matter the difference in the score. the fact is series is 1-1 and they are coming back to oakland where the crowds are ready to roar and make it happen. they are looking forward to what they have now, which is actually the home court advantage. >> we can really do a fantastic job. keeping that crowd loud. all in all we understand what happened last night. what we need to do to be
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better. that of course will be thursday night at the roar a cal. right now the players that 49er fans love to hate. despite what you think of him he is having a day of it. talking about richard sherman. he is on the verge of signing a contract extension with seattle that will make him the highest paid quarterback in all of football at a mere $13 million a year. stanford education. $13million. meantime the giants are in action right now. scoreless in colorado, very early in the ball game and the as play the rangers later tonight. that will be a fun game on thursday night. >> looking forward to that one. who knows they may be able to surprise those guys. it doesn't matter how many you lose by.
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coming up at 10:00, more on that whooping cough case. we are learning this most recent case is more of a growing problem. we'll hear from parents tonight. we'll always available on facebook and twitter. thanks for joining us. we'll see you later tonight. [doorbell rings]
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